A popular campsite for the Arikara and Mandan people in the past, West Whitlock Recreation Area now draws modern-day campers and fishermen to its shores. When the area became a park, it was named for Mrs. J.F. Whitlock, whose pioneering family once owned the land. Whitlock Crossing was the name given to a small settlement that operated a ferry across the river near the area.

The replica of an Arikara earth lodge found in West Whitlock Recreation Area is a reminder of the many lodges that the Lewis and Clark expedition saw as they traveled this area. Each lodge, made of cottonwood logs, willow branches and grass, could house up to 20 people. The Arikara people were farmers and grew crops such as corn, beans, squash, sunflowers and tobacco.

Visitors today will find much different places to stay at West Whitlock. Cozy camping cabins, open all year, are furnished with bunk beds and a double bed to accommodate four people. Keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter with heating and air conditioning. All the campsites come with electricity. To reserve either a cabin or campsite, use your computer to access the online system. It's quick and easy. Then you can enjoy all West Whitlock Recreation Area has to offer: beach, boat ramp, modern comfort station, fish-cleaning station, ski beach, picnic shelter and playground.

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18 miles W of Gettysburg, SD off US 212
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  • 50 Amp Available
  • Tent Sites Available
  • WiFi
  • Internet Access
  • River
  • Firewood Available
  • Dump Station
  • Picnic Area
  • BBQ Facilities
  • Courtesy Dock
  • ADA Accessible
  • Groups Welcome
  • Pets Welcome
  • Quiet Atmosphere
  • Credit Crd Accepted
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  • Lake
  • Conven Store
  • Diner/Snack Bar
  • Gas
  • Chapel Services
  • Resort Atmosphere
  • Resident Owned
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  • Beach
  • Playground
  • Boat Ramp
  • Biking - Road
  • Bird Watching
  • Boating
  • Boating - Watercraft
  • Education Activity
  • Fishing
  • Sightseeing
  • Skiing -Cr.Country
  • Swimming
  • Water Skiing
  • Wildlife Viewing
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  • Pool
  • Entertainment
  • Golfing
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A minusOverall Rating

Great Campground

This is a definite do-over campground. I appreciated how clean all the facilities were and how friendly park personnel were. This was a perfect fall get away!
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A minusOverall Rating

Out of Staters

Camping at west whitlock Oct 14th to go fishing. Campground was quiet, although there was children. While in my camper I had someone walk for pheasants directly behind my camper...I mean in the grass that isn't mowed directly behind my camper. Then while my friend and I were casting south of the salmon station, right below the parking lot, bird hunters were shooting to the west of the salmon station. I could here their shot echo off the building. When we got back to the campground and needed to use the facilities, we found that they (Bird hunting group) had taken over the entire bathroom to use as their drying area. Clothes and such draped over everything. I consider myself an outdoorsman, and I know we all have equal rights, but the etiquette I experienced this weekend was beyond comprehension. If I had my son with me I would have flipped out, and taken the opportunity to teach him why it's important to think of others. I am not very good at putting my feelings into words, and this is an irrelevant statement, but I'm deeply saddened by the way hunting/fishing is exploited. It is not a sport, its a lifestyle. It's about the chase, not the catch/kill. Its about fellowship, togetherness, camaraderie, adventure, and at the end...killing and eating. Anyone that disagrees should be shopping at the supermarket, and leave the land for people that cherish it in all its beauty. Advertising to attract others to come to our state to hunt/fish is understood. Money runs/ruins all things. And I know local people can be rude as well. But today hunting and fishing has become a fad, like bell bottom pants. It's a cool thing to do. It's more important to show people what you're doing or have done than to enjoy the moment. Which people probably aren't enjoying themselves because they're worried they won't be able to post a picture of a great trophy if they aren't successful. Closing words...If you don't like to eat it, don't kill it.
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A minusOverall Rating

"Comfort" Station

The campground overall is OK, but the south "comfort" station has cold showers. I find that inexcusable, and hence my poor rating of this campground. Running the water several minutes did little to worm up the shower. This "comfort" station has the typical problems: cold showers, inadequate hooks for clothing and towels, and inadequate shelving for bathroom kit. If campground managers had to use these facilities, the problems would not exist. Such poor service demonstrates campground managers treat users to a different second-class standard. Again, cold showers are inexcusable. Please don't pretend to provide a "comfort" station when showers are cold and the clothing hooks and shelving are inadequate. The remainder of the campground was OK. Thank you.
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A minusOverall Rating

Last campout before cold

We had an amazing experience at the campground. We were there to relax and fish. Caught some catfish. We went to see the salmon ladder. It was a great camping weekend. We will return for sure.
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